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ClickForSales® Traffic Stats:® specializes in delivering high quality traffic for a fraction of the cost of conventional pay-per-click.

Our network was built from the "Ground-up" for click advertising results. Designed specifically to deliver traffic and display our high-contrast effective banner advertisement.

Our goal is to be your most effective, most efficient online traffic source. We've spent the last decade researching, learning, developing and perfecting the most effective targeted traffic delivery system available!

Raw traffic statasitics for May 2018 on ClickForSales® advertising network.

Aggregate Records Updated Daily
The Most Intriguing News, Articles, Finance, Crime and Discussion.

Over 1,000,000 Visitors Per Month!

160 x 600 / 960 x 120

Millions of Searchable Financial Records, Parsed VIA Name, Location and Other Key Data Points.

Nearly 2,500,000 Visitors Per Month!

160 x 600 / 960 x 120

Millions of Searchable Arrest Records, Parsed VIA Name, Location and Other Key Data Points.

Nearly 3,300,000 Visitors Per Month!

160 x 600 / 960 x 120

The worlds largest online arrest database.  Over 500,000,000 pages.  Select any county!  Only a few spots available per county.  As Low As $299!

An incredible 600,000 page views per day!

728 x 90 / 300 x 250 / 300 x 600

Our unique data structuring facilitates maximum ease of targeting VIA geographic regions, allowing ClickForSales advertisers EXTREME SAVINGS over Adwords Pay-Per-Click System!  Providing you higher quality traffic at a fraction of the cost. 

There is little competition for GoogleAds, resulting in extreme monopolization of paid traffic delivery.  ClickForSales cuts out the exorbitant cost of GoogleAds and passes the extreme savings on to our clients. 

We process our own ads, administer our own clientele, operate or directly administer all properties, allowing us to omit the need for an administrator like GoogleAds.  We challenge you to be shocked at the traffic you receive with our flat pricing.  You will be amazed!

Our average advertiser receive the equivalent of $2,500 in AdWords clicks, every month from just one of our $99. Hot-Banners!

Stop paying $10 to $50. per click.  ClickForSales ends Pay-Per-Click, while delivering  the best traffic online. MAKE MORE PROFIT USING OUR LOW-COST, EFFECTIVE AD NETWORK!  Our low fee remains the same REGARDOLESS of how many clicks we deliver.  YOU WILL BE ASTOUNDED AT THE SAVINGS AND QUALITY!


Free Professional Banner Creation!  Yours to keep!

Here our some samples of our high quality effective FREE custom banners.
Large effective congruent full-size 160 x 600 towers at just $99. per month! 

Starting as low as $99!


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Our network was built from the "Ground-up" with CLICK-ADVERTISING in mind.  Designed specifically to deliver traffic and display our high-contrast exciting banner advertisement.  We control every aspect of the consumer product, creating a platform RICH for click advertisers!  Your ad stands out against our clean, polished, industrial-type feel which contains the traffic driving content.  Our pages are primed for advertisers, providing entire STATE ASSOCIATED TRAFFIC to every advertiser.  Your banner will be only 1 of 5 advertisers per STATE, and appear on at least 4 out of every 5 page views!

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Less than 4,000 spaces currently available, RESERVE IMMEDIATELY!

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"Wah-Lah"!  Your in the rotation, exposed to high traffic, with NO LIMITS on clicks!

We place your custom banner on high-traffic aggregate data based Websites!  Targeting the traffic by the associated content of the aggregate data!  Nothing works faster, better or more efficiently!

Advertise on our select network for unlimited traffic!  Place your ad on our unique, dynamic and expanding network here.

Stop Paying Per Click!

At ClickForSales, we are driven to deliver $savings to our advertisers. Get More, with ClickForSales Aggregate Data Marketing!

"If we can get them on the phone".. If your phone is always ringing, you are always selling, ClickForSales can create this atmosphere for your product or service.  "If I could get consistent traffic".. If you have consistent traffic, your site will produce, ClickForSales can create this consistent traffic, affordably!


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