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What is ClickForSales®?

ClickForSales® is a unique advertising, data and publication firm. We develop online searchable databases from aggregate data sources, creating high demand, high-use public facilities in which we publish and maintain our active ad networks!   Network Info  Order

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Aggregate macro data architecture, publication and management.. Our unique macro data collection and acquisition methodology are an advent for online database architecture, accessibility and advertising.

Mass aggregate data is acquired by our key technologies. The data is analyzed, parsed, developed and structured for maximum categorization, utilization and targeted clicks!

ClickForSales® develops and maintains online searchable databases from aggregate macro data maximizing the potential for exposure during online data searches.

Aggregate/ Macro Data

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Aggregate data is the data that is the result of applying a process to combine data elements from different sources. The aggregate data is usually taken collectively or in summary form. In relational database technology, aggregate data refers to the values returned when one issues an aggregate function.

Facilitating aggregate data into searchable customized online databases gives ClickForSales® Ad Publication Network the power to reach a growing, attentive, dynamic and active internet audience for far less than conventional advertising.

Data search is exponential in growth. Monetization of data in a world where virtually all data is available is a powerful concept!

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There is still a lack of understanding of the priorities, budgets, people, and tools needed to initiate a successful campaign.  Many Executives lack the resources and expertise to advance to the next level.  A few were let down by providers who failed to produce results.

Email marketing is a powerful application.  Faster, better more flexible and more efficient than any other form of marketing.

So why isn't your business using it? 

Our Quality, Resolve and Results will Impress you! We are honest, realistic and dead serious about a successful marketing campaign! 100% Opt-In, Full-Service & Effective!  Your audience is online and using email.

If you are not using email now, your competitors are, or soon will be. The need for email marketing is immediate.

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Our Quality, Resolve and Results will Impress you!
We are honest, realistic and dead serious about a successful marketing campaign!

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  Fresh, High-Connectivity.
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Your Web is dead unless you consistently contact people directly. The ONLY thing that will generate traffic to your site and calls to your staff is PERSISTENT and DIRECT marketing!

Establish your Internet Marketing presence today with the most affordable marketing packages available on the Internet. Flood your market with email ads! Stop wasting time and energy on marketing techniques that don't deliver traffic to your business.

Stop Paying Per Click!

At ClickForSales, we are industry leaders in online direct marketing. We offer proven results. You can put your trust in our proven aggressive marketing techniques. We have virtually every email address in existence, as well as opt-in subscribers to a multitude of categories.

Costs are substantially less than traditional direct marketing.

"If we can get them on the phone".. If your phone is always ringing, you are always selling, ClickForSales can create this atmosphere for your product or service.  "If I could get consistent traffic".. If you have consistent traffic, your site will produce, ClickForSales can create this consistent traffic, affordably!

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We follow ALL proposed legislation existing Electronic Marketing.
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Corporations who invented unsolicited email marketing now call it 'spam' There is nothing virtuous about 'fighting' 'spam'. Capitalism was built on a FREE marketplace not a monopolized one. People have MORE right to receive email offers than those trying to prohibit them. (assuming they are within ethical guidelines) ...Spam-Nazi's literally take money from legitimate mom & pop operations and give it to the grossly wealthy AOL executives! Think before you complain. FREEDOM of speech and commerce drives our economy. read the laws, MAIL YOUR OFFER!! It is the ONLY way to create traffic and interest. "opt-in' lists do not exist because even a verifiable opt-in lead will be treated as 'spam' if the recipient complains, ask your host, or ISP! Our service is for legitimate companies with databases to legitimately mail, which is impossible without special services such as ours.  You can mail!


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